Being Chip…

Life happens – enjoy the ride: moment by moment.

I was watching the movie “Arrival” not long ago, and liked the thinking about time, and to some extent time travel.  The movie presents a situation where time is thought of differently in that one is always in the moment but cognizant of what has been and what will come. as a beginning the future is just like flashes of memory returning, and it works that something that needs to be done will be. Seems like this would allow for living in the moment to be much easier.

Another tidbit this week comes from the Feynman book Surely you are Joking Mr Feynman. The author is part of a textbook review for the county school system. He takes the job seriously, reading and commenting on each textbook. when he begins to discuss them with his other reviewers, he finds most did not actually read the books, but relied on a publisher summary of the book touting its praises. He worked with his group more and they came up with a true revision. Then the budget came back in and the organization just book the books they could afford. He paints this as a failure of science, accepting the publishers view and any detail as fact, but realized that there seemed no way out of the process.



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